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ii7 V7 I (Single Note Lines) download PDF
iii7-VI7-ii7-V7 download PDF
4-Note Melodic Fragments for Basic Bebop Single-Line Study download PDF
A Night in Tunisia - Chord Solo download PDF
BeBop Solos and Progressions download PDF
Cherokee Chord Tone Outline for SNS download PDF
Contrary-Motion I7-bVII7-bVI7-V7 Turnarounds download PDF
Cute - Solo based on the Chords download PDF
Cute Solo based on the Chords (version 2) download PDF
Cute - Single-Note Soloing Outline download PDF
D-Natural Blues (Wes Montgomery) download PDF
Developing Jazz Lines from Arpeggios: iim7b5-V7alt.-im6 download PDF
Dissonant Turnarounds: III7-VI7-II7-V7 download PDF
I7-bVII7-bVI7-V7 Turnarounds download PDF
It Could Happen to You Solo Based on the Chords download PDF
Jazz Blues (single-note solo) download PDF
Jazz Lines Miscellaneous download PDF
Jazz Progression: Descending Bass, Small Texture download PDF
Jazz Single-Line Texture: 2 Beats per Chord download PDF
Jazz Tags download PDF
Jazz Turnarounds A Beginning download PDF
Jazz Turnarounds Based on Rhythmic Figures download PDF
Jazz Turnarounds: One-Six-Two-Five (parts 1-6) download PDF
Jazz Turnarounds: One-Six-Two-Five (parts 7-10) download PDF
Just Friends - solo on the chords download PDF
Meditation - Single-Note Soloing Outline, #1 and #2 download PDF
Melodic Fragments for Beginning Bebop Single-Line Study download PDF
Night and Day - Soloing Thru the Chromatic Spot download PDF
Shiny Stockings - solo based on the chords download PDF
Solo Based on a Standard Progression ("On a Clear Day") download PDF
Summary of Most Common Chord Movements in Modern Jazz Harmony download PDF
This Guys in Love download PDF
Visual Shapes for Learning Octave Style Guitar ala Wes Montgomery download PDF
Wes Montgomery - Dominant 7 and its Companion Minor 7 Colors download PDF
Wes Montgomery Octave Visualization via the Bottom Note download PDF
Wes Montgomery-Type Chord Things -and- Wes Co-Minor download PDF
Wes Montgomery Single-Line Studies download PDF
Wes Octave Lower Note - Moving Positions (C11) download PDF


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