This section will be the home of 'music lessons' as re-told by student's of Ted. The theme of the lessons will be "what I learned from Ted." It will be the student's own view, as none of us wish to presume to speak for Ted directly. At the same time, it will provide a permanent home for discussions about musical topics that Ted shared and that we would like to share with those who were never able to study with Ted directly.

All links will take you to it's own individual page (inlcuding notes and comments) unless denoted by PDF icon which will allow you to download lesson all by itself.

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Contributions by Jon Griffin:
 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Contributions by Colin Hensen:
 Deck the Halls
 Hark the Herald Angels Sing
 O Come All Ye Faithful

Contributions by Robert Smith:
*  Ted Greene Original Baroque Composition (circa 1971) with Chord Diagrams

Contributions by Bob Holt:
 Changing Chord Qualities
*  String Transference
 Modern Dominant Flavored Blues_Ex1
 Modern Dominant Flavored Blues_Ex2
 Simply Ted: V-to-I

Contributions by Mark Levy:
 Diatonic Voice Switching from Ted Greene Lesson on 1992-07-20
 Modern Blues Progressions 1974
 Ted Greene Lesson - Mark's Practice Schedule 1992-12-23
 Ted Greene Lesson I-VI7-ii-V7 - Mark’s Worksheet 1992-12-28
 Ted Greene Lesson - Assignments on Modulation 1993-06-21
 Ted Greene Guitar Lesson Notes 1994-04-20
 Ted Greene’s Teaching Notes for Mark Levy

Contributions by Mark Thornbury:
 Triads in 1st Inversion
*  Beginning Modulation
*  Danny Boy - Chord Analysis
*  Old Man River

Contributions by John March:
*  John March - “Chord Alchemy" CD - A Student's Tribute to Ted Greene

Contributions by Dan Martin:
*  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Contributions by Leon White:
*  Autumn Leaves
*  Camptown Races
*  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
*  Blues In F
*  Blues In G
*  Lazy Blues Chordal Style
*  Modern Blues
*  Simple Blues in Bb

Contributions by David Oakes:
*  Night Wes

Contributions by Fabius:
*  Yesterday

Contributions by Gareth Rixton:
  V-2 The 35 Chord Qualities (plus Modes)

Contributions by Steve Brodie:
 Systematic Inversions

Contributions by James Hober:
 Tips for Practicing Systematic Inversions

Contributions by Matt Lord:
 Progression #8 – from A Session with the Stars
 Ted Greene V-System Work Sheets
 All the Things You Are - V-2 Top Set
 V-2 Diatonic Chord Scales
 V-2 Major 7 - All Sets, All Keys
 V-2 Middle to Top Switchovers
 V-2 Systematic Inversions
 V-4 Diatonic Chord Scales
 V-4 Systematic Inversions
 V-5 Diatonic Chord Scales
 V-5 Systematic Inversions

Contributions by Dan Riley:
*  Angels We Have Heard on High
*  Deck the Hall
*  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
*  Hark the Herald Angels Sing
*  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
*  It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
*  O Come All Ye Faithful
*  Santa Claus is Coming to Town
*  The Christmas Song
*  The First Noel
*  Winter Wonderland

Contributions by Paul Vachon:
 How to Read Ted Greene Chord Diagrams
*  America the Beautiful
*  Autumn Leaves - Comping Study
 Blue Bossa - Comping
*  Happy Days Are Here Again
*  I Got Rhythm - Comping
*  I'll Remember April - Treatments of the First Phrase
*  I'll Remember April - Harmonized Melody
*  It's the Talk of the Town
 My One and Only Love
*  Night Wes
 On Green Dolphin Street - comping (key of C_V-2 top strings) 1984-11-02
 On Green Dolphin Stree - comping (key of C_V-2 middle strings) 1984-11-03
 On Green Dolphin Street - comping_V-2 Forms - Key of Db_1984-11-03
*  Our Love is Here to Stay - Comping Study
*  People
*  RedRiverValley - Chord Melody
*  RedRiverValley - Single Note
 Satin Doll - Comping on the Top 4 Strings
 Satin Doll - Walking Bass Style
 Ted Greene Guitar Lessons with Paul Vachon (1984-1985) Notes
 Ted Greene Letters to Paul Vachon (1987)
 Ted Greene’s V-System Fixed Soprano Tour- 7 Basic Qualities & Systematic Inversions
 Voice Switching from Ted Greene 1992-07-20 - Recording with Mark Levy
*  Walking Bass Jumpback Blues - key of F#



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