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Ted Greene - "An Afternoon With Ted"
Ted Greene Solo Guitar Improvisation 2001
Ted Greene GIT Seminar 1978
Ted Greene Special Recording Session
Ted Greene with Rowanne Mark
Ted Greene Messin' Around at Home - I
Ted Greene Messin' Around at Home - II
Ted Greene and Emily Remler - Jamminí
Ted Greene Private Concert at Silvermans
Lessons with Mark Levy
Lessons with Nick Stasinos
Lessons with Kevin Griffin
Lessons with Steve Herberman
Lessons with Craig Price
Lessons with Dan Sindel


An collection of rare "Ted" related recordings, archived for your listening pleasure.

Ted Greene "Special Recording Session" - circa 1977
This is the "Ted Greene Trio" recording and has it's own special "dedicated page".
Click here to listen to and download audio  
Guitar Player Magazine - George Van Eps Interview written by Ted
Circa Aug '81 - This has it's own special "dedicated page" as well.
Click here to Listen to/download audio & read Guitar Player interview  
Ted Greene Playing at Joey Backenstoe's Wedding (1989-03-04)
(Audio clips from the DVD )
1. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair download
2. Wedding Chorus (Here Comes the Bride) download
3. Your Song download
Lesson for John McCain
Ted Greene Lesson for John C. McCain, 1989 Length: 46:19 Part 1 (1989)
Ted Greene Lesson for John C. McCain, 1991 Length: 46:11 Part 2 (1991)
Ted Greene live at KPFK Studios April 13, 1994
Ted on guitars, chord chemistry and special live performances download
"Holy Smokes" featuring Will Ray and Ted Greene
Will Ray (HELLECASTERS) genoursly lends this rare recording of Ted and Will recorded sometime in the year 2000.
Will states, "I’m including an MP3 of a song that has Ted and me together.  It’s called “Holy Smokes” and features Ted trading solos with me.  It’s off my “Mojo Blues” CD and I gave Ted one of the first copies.  I’m panned Left and Ted is panned Right, with him taking the first solo each time.  His are the very chord-oriented solos (no surprise there). "
www.musiciansradio.com - Podcast Show Number 64

Guests: Tom Bocci, Mark Goldenberg, Dan Sawyer, Laurence Juber, Steve Ferguson, Anthony Wilson

Description: Tom Bocci, Mark Goldenberg and friends talk about the life of guitar legend Ted Greene and his tribute CD.

Ted Greene Guitar Lessons with Keith Richman
Lesson 1 download
Lesson 2 download
Ted Greene Guitar Lessons with Dave
Lesson 1 download
Lesson 2 download


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