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Ted Greene Lessons Dan Sindel
(Thank you, Dan, for sharing your lessons from your private archives)
Track 1: Chord Enrichment/Addition 3-16-04 download
Track 2: Chord Enrichment/Addition/Substitution 3-16-04 download
Track 3: "The Flintsones" 3-23-04 download

A quick note from Dan:

I have many hours of Guitar Lessons with Ted on cassette tape and have had these 3 gems posted on my personal website (where I have a page dedicated to Ted) for a few years and I wanted to share them here on the official Ted website. During my lesson time with Ted he had several cassette decks available in his apartment but were all incredibly "worn in" as it were and they never really gave me much of a decipherable sound (not to mention the noisy air conditioner etc...) but I tried my best to clean up the tape hiss, and make it somewhat listenable. Regardless of tape quality, the "quantity" of information in these clips is invaluable.

Track 1: Chord Enrichment/Addition 3-16-04 (playing time 6:39)
Secondary Dominant Chords were the topic of the day (A.K.A. 5 of's)... As always, Ted incorporated humor with academia and used the chord progression to "Home On The Range" as the example.

Track 2: Chord Enrichment/Addition/Substitution 3-16-04 (playing time 6:49)
This is a prime example of Ted's pure genius as well as just being really funny!
Here we explore harmonic concepts as Ted uses "Mary Had A little Lamb" as the object lesson. Ted even makes mention of his book "Chord Chemistry" here in this epic sound clip!!!

Track 3: "The Flintsones" 3-23-04 (playing time 5:20)
This is the perfect illustration of how much fun it was to spend time with Ted!
Here Ted asks me to goof around a little bit and play the lead lines to the Flintsones Theme Song whilst he adds "Companion Chords" and then the jamming begins... Too much fun!

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