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  Memories of Ted  
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Ted was one of my greatest inspirations and heros, and made a mark few guitarists ever surpassed as a player and teacher.

I found his first records and books in the early 70's. I was stunned. I have never heard anything better since... Ted was truly one of the great masters. I only met him through his publications and recordings, but I felt very close to him anyway. He had a big impact on my musical vision and dream.

I am still an avid guitarist at age 54 with some 45 years of playing behind me. Ted's work is as much an inspiration today as it was 35 yrs ago. I send all new students to his work.

What a huge loss.

He will be missed.

July 27, 2005 10:14 AM


i still remember those dizzing phone sessions with my second phone on my amp, ted would be sharing the voicings of the angels. at one point ted said ''i feel i know you''. mitch chmara

mitch chmara
July 27, 2005 10:27 AM


I Started guitar lessons with Ted when I was 16 or 17 in the 70's. Went regularly every week for probably 5 years or more to his home in Woodland Hills. I was a guitar teacher at McCabes guitar shop during that time.

Then, I became a lawyer(big mistake), but still kept playing. In 93, my place burned down in Malibu (along with my guitars), and I ran into Ted at the local Ralphs, and he offered to loan me a guitar(but McCabes donated one to me, so I didn't need it.

I considered Ted to be my friend and guitar mentor. I owe Ted pretty much all of my guitar knowledge, and have always been gratefull for that. His approach to the guitar and to music was a true inspiration to me.

At the end of June, I went to his place for a brush up lesson, and we were going to set up a two hour follow up. I don't think he ever got my phone message to do that.

On Monday, I drove by his apt, on Burbank, on my way to work, and saw a firetruck in front of his apt. Having gone through that myself, I pulled over to make sure there was no fire. When I saw there was no fire, I left. But now, I realize, that is when they found him.

I will truly miss Ted, and, am really sad I didn't get some more "brush up" lessons with him. But, I will always have good thoughts of him, and I have good memories of the many years of guitar studies with him, which will remain with me forever.

I am still shocked. Best wishes to his family.

Stevc Brodie
July 27, 2005 11:46 AM


Ted Greene was truly one of the most unique people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His depth as a human being ("human" in the fullest sense of the term) came across in every note that he played. Those of us fortunate enough to have known this gentle and caring man would agree that his kindness and altruistic nature surpassed his musical sensabilities, which were greater than any guitarist I have had the pleasure of hearing play.
The overwhelming sadness of his passing is balanced only by the tremendous joy of having been able to experience his friendship.

Tommy Kay
July 27, 2005 11:55 AM


Ted Greenes impact on the L.A. guitar community was monumental. He shared his knowledge unselfishly with all, and many succesful musicians owe an extreme debt of gratitude to him. Ted was a very special friend to many, and always had time to listen and talk with anyone that needed help.
Ted and I met about 35 years ago when I first came to Los Angeles. We became close friends, and a lot of the success of my business came from Ted's recommending my store to his many friends and students.
Everyone that knew Ted will miss his beautiful playing, but most of all will miss his kind spirit and demeaner. Ted will never be forgotten and it was my pleasure knowing him for so many years.

Norman Harris
Normans Rare Guitars
July 27, 2005 11:55 AM


Ted was without a doubt one of the most gifted musicians I have ever been in the presence of. I was referred to Ted by another teacher of mine about 8 years ago. Our first lesson was one of the most eye and ear opening experiences of my life. Hearing him play gave me so much inspiration and love for music because it was so easy to see how much joy it brought Ted when watching him play. What was so admirable about Ted is that he never had any pretension about him. He always made me feel good about music and my playing even if I was having trouble with an idea or concept. What I love about Ted is that after his lessons I would race home and practice. He is one of the only teachers that ever inspired me to such an extent. I always felt that if I could play like him than life would be great so I had no time to waste. I even remember after one of our first few lessons I was talking to him about how I was saving up for an archtop and would probably have one in a few months. As if I had asked him for a soda he walked through the abyss that was his apartment and pulled out an archtop. He said I could have it until I got my own. I was in such shock when I left the apartment that I felt like I had stolen it from him. But that was Ted. He was always just trying to make our musical lives a little bit stronger and happier. You are one of the greatest musicians of our time and have had a huge influence on my playing and the way I view music. Thank you Ted for putting as much effort into helping others as you put into becoming the musician that you left us as. I will miss you dearly and thank you for everything.

Brian Green
July 27, 2005 11:59 AM


I just noticed there are some duplicate comments. You will not see comments you have written unless you "refresh" the page first. Thanks everybody for the great memories. This is turning out to be great thing. Keep it up!

July 27, 2005 12:00 PM


I only met Ted about 3-4 Times. Each time was as magical as the first. Never have I met such an incredible, humble and amazing person. He could have easily been on the cover of every guitar magazine, had made tons of money, could have had the whole thing. However, Ted in an essence, was that of a true musician. He lived and loved music and wanted to share the love he had for the music with anyone willing too learn, or listen. The best memory I have of him was seeing his "list" of songs he could play in numerous keys. I could tell he was happy too see a "metalhead" know almost ever tune he played and everytime I saw him I went home, picked up the guitar, and would play. Ted IS one of the most amazing musicians anyone of us will ever hear.

"Full Metal" Mike
July 27, 2005 1:06 PM


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