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Ted’s Arrangement (July 10, 1989) with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

This is Ted’s arrangement of the popular 1959 instrumental by Santo & Johnny Farina.  Before learning this piece you may find it helpful to go to YouTube and listen to the original:

The melody was originally played on a pedal steel guitar with lots of slides and fills, so obviously a chord-melody version will sound much different, but you can capture that feeling by sliding into some of the chords, as indicated by Ted for one passage:  “Use expression:  release chord and slide into the E.”

For this compilation I decided to write out a more complete musical notation so you can see how some of the chords fit into the arrangement, but you still need to add some right-hand “rolls” or arpeggios in places to order to fill it out a bit.  Ted didn’t write the chord names, so I took the liberty to add them myself.  The original lead sheet has a basic C-Am-Fm-G progression for the A section, but Ted seemed to translate that Fm as Dm7(b5) thereby making it a I-vi-ii-V progression. 

If you find the second C chord in measure 7 hard to grab, you might try the same notes on the top 4 strings instead, spreading from the 5th to the 10th frets. 
In measure 8 Ted played a slight variation on the melody.  I added an optional measure (in red) after it to show how you might play it with the original melody line. 

The G13 at the end of the Bridge seems to beg for some additional movement.  Try some variations on a G7 chord—maybe some alterations or extensions for more interest (if you wish).

For the very end Ted added a nice Tag of Fm7 – Fm6 – Fm – C.  (It could also be interpreted as Fm7 – Dm7(b5) – Ab6 – C, but that seems a bit clunky.)  After listening to the original recording I found that I wanted to hear that melody line (G to A to E to B) so I also added an alternate ending incorporating those notes as open harmonics (G on 3rd string/fret 12; A on 4th string/fret 7; E on 1st string/fret 12; then B on 2nd string/fret 12.  Then play Ted’s Tag.

I really enjoy playing this arrangement and hope you do also.

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