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  Danny Boy (also known as Londonderry Air)  

Ted’s Arrangement from December 4, 1985, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet
Danny Boy - download PDF

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons
DannyBoy_Ted Greene_Arr_Comp_p1.pdf
DannyBoy_Ted Greene_Arr_Comp_p2.pdf

Here is Ted’s beautiful arrangement of Danny Boy for solo guitar that he wrote in 1985.  In 1977 he recorded another version of it for his Solo Guitar album, and it’s considered by many to be a guitar masterpiece.  This arrangement is not a transcription from that album, but instead a much simplified version that he used when teaching this song to his students.  It includes many similar chord moves that appear on the recording, and will serve as an aid if you want to transcribe it from the album.  Listen to Ted play it in order to get the general feel of the arrangement and some of his fills. 

I’ve included Ted’s original page and his lead sheet, plus my compilation pages that align his chord diagrams with standard notation.  I put the lyrics for Londonderry Air as the first verse, and Danny Boy as the second verse.  Please note that there are a couple of places where Ted deviates from the given melody, and I’ve marked these with red notes.  As with many of his arrangements for students, Ted did not include the names for the chords; that was the homework for the student.  I’ve added the names in red.

Ted provided a few alternate variations for some of the passages, and I’ve aligned those variations above the main arrangement to make it easy to see how they fit together.  For the last measure on p.2, either play the D chord and end with the G – F#m – Em – D, or go back to the head and play the “2nd time” A7sus to A9 pickup for a repeat.  I indicated to play a D chord at the very end, even though Ted didn’t write this.  I’m guessing he thought that was obvious, or he may have left it open-ended to allow a point for an interlude and/or modulation. 

This is one of my favorite of Ted’s arrangements, and I’d be bold enough to say that if you could only learn one of his arrangements, this would be one of the best choices – it’s quintessential Ted Greene. 

I hope these pages make it easy and fun to learn and play this piece.


-- Paul

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