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Ted Greene Arrangement - January 5,1992
Compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation page, changes and comparisons

Notes -
Ted wrote out his arrangement of this popular Beatles song for “Easier to Intermediate Level” solo guitar players.  It’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t require many comments. 

On the side of his original page Ted wrote:  “You may wish to add brisk fills, at least in the Rt. hand, in places where there is a natural pause in the melody.” 

In a few places Ted chords create an alternate melody that is slightly different from the original Beatles melody (probably derived from a harmony).  I’ve marked these spots accordingly with the comment, “Melodic Variation.”  The lead sheet melody line is correct; use it for comparison. 

At the bottom of his original page Ted provided some “optional phrasing” chords to be used for the beginning where the lyrics go, “Lend me your ears and I will sing you a song….” and for sections in the Bridge.  I’ve places these chords above the first set on my compilation pages in the appropriate places.  You may play these on the repeat sections, or you may wish to mix the variations.

There is a rare Ted typo:  on page 3, line 3 of the compilation I corrected the fret number (in red) on the G chord in the 3rd measure.  He originally had it marked as “5” (which would make it an A chord), but it really should be “3” to indicate a G chord.

Ted’s page is a little difficult to follow because of the complex navigation, optional variations, and counting instructions.  I hope that aligning his diagrams with the lead sheet makes it easy to follow.  This is a fun and easy arrangement to play and will probably be familiar to most people. 


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