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  Winter Wonderland  

Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet - June 26, 1989 (As given to a student in a private lesson)

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons
WinterWonderland_Ted GreeneArr_grids_notation_p1.pdf
WinterWonderland_Ted GreeneArr_grids_notation_p2.pdf

Here is my compilation page for Ted's "Winter Wonderland"...with additional contributions from Steve Brodie (chord boxes in blue) and me (chord boxes and chord names in red).  I hope this makes it easier to read through the arrangement.

Ted didn't quite finish his arrangement, so this is one way that he might have done so.  I took the liberty to add the chord names in red.

There is one controversial chord in this arrangement—at least the name I've given it may be questionable:  the A17/G in measure #5.

Ted talks about this "mysterious 17th chord" a few times, including on the DVD seminar he did at Musician's Institute on 6/6/93.  He explains it as a dominant 7 (sus4) chord with a natural 3rd above the 11 (or 4).

What else could you call that chord?  Em11/6/G ? …or Gadd9(#11, no 3rd)?  To me it has that 17th sound that Ted demonstrated.  You also could try to voice it as:  A (open 5th st.), G, D, E, C#.  Think about it.

You could also try adding a C#7 chord in the 2nd ending, just before going to the Bridge.

One point of interest about Ted's chords in measures 5 and 6:  the fingers for the top three strings on the A17 - A9 - B7 remains the same, just simply slide them down.  And then on the B7 - Em, the fingers on strings 5, 3, 2 remain the same... again, just slide two of the voices up. Very slick, Ted!

Happy Holidays!

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