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Ted Greene Arrangement - December 07-1972
Compilation page by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet

My Compilation Page

Here’s a classic Christmas song that Ted wrote out in standard music notation back in 1972.  I’ve drawn Ted-style chord diagrams according to the fret and finger positions that Ted marked on his score.  As always, the playing order is:  solid dot, X, square, then triangle.  A line drawn between two diagrams shows a sustained note - the same as a tie in regular notation.  There are some optional voice movements (inner or bass lines) that are marked with an “opt.” - try to play these if you can, for they add an extra level of interest and beauty to the piece.

Some comments and fingering suggestions: (referring to the compilation pages)
Measure 3:       The X notes on the G chord are really nice.  Spend some time to get this move down—you’ll be happy you did.

Measure 4:       This is a case where you need to do a partial barre to prepare for a inner voice move.  Finger it:  3,4,2,1, but barre strings 4 & 3 with finger 2.  After playing the chord, lift your 4th finger to get the C# on the 4th string. 

Measure 5:       In order to sustain the notes on strings 5,4, and 3 as you move to the X notes, use this fingering:  2,1,1,4 then play the top two strings with fingers 4 and 3.  Keep the first finger full barre for the G chord that follows.

Measure 6:       Finger the Em6 chord as:  1,1,2,4.  This allows for a smooth transition to the next chord, regardless if you play the optional bass note or not.

Measure 12:     I don’t know how Ted intended that the A melody note could sustain for the entire measure with the fingering he provided.  When switching to the Bm chord it doesn’t seem possible.  So I’ve come up with a different fingering of the F#m7 chord (in brackets) that will allow for the melody to sustain.  It contains the same notes, but just fingered a little differently.  Try it.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory with the fingerings as provided by Ted.

Enjoy… and Happy Holidays!

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