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Ted’s Arrangement for solo guitar in Am and Bm - 1998, March 9th
with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets
Summertime - download PDF

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons
Summertime_Ted Greene_Arr_Comp_Am.pdf
Summertime_Ted Greene_Arr_Comp_Bm.pdf

Ted wrote up two solo guitar arrangements for George Gershwin’s classic, Summertime in March of 1998.  On his 1977 Solo Guitar album he played an extended more complex version of this song in a medley with It Ain’t Necessarily So.  These pages are not transcriptions from that album, but instead a much simplified version that Ted used for teaching purposes.  It includes many similar chord moves as the recording, and its helpful to listen to it in order to get the general feel of the arrangement and some of his fills. 

I’ve included Ted’s original page, his handwritten lead-sheet (which is incomplete), plus my compilation pages that align his chord diagrams with standard notation.  The original song has two verses, but each of these arrangements is for the first 16 measures only.  As with many of his teaching arrangements Ted didn’t include the names for each chord so I’ve added them in red on my compilation pages.

Most of this is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t need much explanation.  Ted did included fingering and other comments on some of the diagrams.  In the A minor version, the third line (of the compilation page) he wrote “or Fill w/Rt. HD” on the F#m11 chord, “Hit Bass 1st” on the B13 chord, and “& Rt. Hnd Fill” for the D/E or E11 chord.  There’s also a comment to play the 12th fret harmonic on the 5th string on the 3rd measure from the end.

Ted would probably encourage a student to learn both arrangements and then ask him to try to play them together somehow, perhaps by creating a short interlude which modulates to the other key, or maybe by transposing one of them to match the other key and play them as 1st and 2nd verses.

This is a nice bluesy piece to play on a lazy summer day. 


-- Paul

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