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  O Little Town of Bethlehem (Key of F)  

Ted Greene Arrangement - December 07-1972
Compilation page by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet
OLittleTownOfBethlehem_KeyGandF_Ted Greene.pdf

My Compilation Page

This is Ted’s 1972 arrangement of this classic Christmas song.  Like his 1970 version, he wrote it in standard music notation.  I’ve drawn Ted-style chord diagrams according what I guess is how Ted would have played it, although you may find alternate chord forms that you prefer.

On his original page Ted wrote, “One good way to get a lot out of playing these pieces is to learn the melody first, then harmonize them yourself, then compare with given harmonizations.”

I’d suggest you also learn (or at least review) Ted’s 1970 arrangement of this song (in the key of G) to compare the two.  The 1970 version is more difficult.  You might also try to work out some way to combine them, make a hybrid version, or play both by working out a modulation from one to the other.

My only comment is for measure 15:       For the G7 to Db7 move try this fingering:  2,3,1,4 to 1,3,1,4. 
The rest you should be able to figure out by yourself.

Enjoy… and Happy Holidays!

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