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Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons
JingleBells_Ted GreeneArr_grids_notation_p1.pdf
JingleBells_Ted GreeneArr_grids_notation_p2.pdf

This is one of Ted’s easier arrangements to play, yet is very nice for the holidays.  He wrote at the top of the original page, “ala Merle & Chet”, so it was inspired by Merle Travis and Chet Atkins for their guitar styles.  It’s interesting to note that he wrote this arrangement in June of 1989, not a time of year we normally play Christmas songs!

Since this is somewhat of an “outline” arrangement, you may have to add some melody notes aside from what is indicated in the chord boxes alone.  I believe Ted would have instructed students to add right-hand fills, and especially to add extra bass notes to keep the bass moving. For example, beat 3 of measure 2 would be a good place to add an A in the bass.

Navigating through the original page is a little confusing, but I think you’ll find the grids & notation compilation pages easy to read through.  I notated the entire song and removed Ted’s coda, repeat, and “2nd time” indicators, since they were thereby unnecessary.  I also straightened out a misplaced chord in the second line of the original page.

Ted didn’t give names to the chords, as this was undoubtedly for the student to work out.  I took the liberty to add the names in red.  Compare his re-harmonization to the standard chord changes.  You’ll also notice that Ted varied the melody slightly in his arrangement, as compared to the standard notation.

A couple of suggestions:
For the last measure on page 1 (of the compilation) you may choose to finger the G/B chord with the first finger on the 2nd string, then play the B and G on the 6th and 4th strings (instead of the 5th and 4th strings as Ted wrote).  This will make it easier to get to the next chord (D/A) with the little finger free to play the A melody note on the 1st string (which Ted didn’t add).  I added these options with red X’s on the compilation pages.

You may wish to try a different fingering of the Gmaj7 chord in the third measure on page 2. I find it difficult to keep the chord sustained when going to the A melody note.  I like using a R,3,5,7 voicing (strings 6,3,2,1) with a George Van Eps fifth-finger slant to get the root and 7th together, leaving the little finger free to play the A melody note.

Enjoy...and Happy Holidays!


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